about us

A warm welcome to the Official Isle of Man Sub Aqua Club. One of the oldest local scuba diving clubs on the Island. Don’t know much about us? Here’s a brief history of where we came from…

The club evolved in 1959 through Joanna Jones work with diving for the then Marine Biological Station in Port Erin. The East Lancs Club, based in Manchester had discovered the clear Manx waters and offered help with one of her underwater projects.

They dived together a number of times making a nice change for her as she usually had to go on a line, being the only diver at the Station.

On Sunday, October 4th, 1959, Joanna, John Slinn ( another member of staff) and some graduate students, Richard Hartnoll, Tony Rice and possibly Dave Eggleston joined the East Lancs divers at Niarbyl and went snorkelling.

Afterwards they sat around and talked and Ian Horner suggested they should start a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club.

They even named the officers, Johnny Crellin, Norman Mills and Ewan Maley among others.

There seemed to be enough support so an inaugural meeting was held at the Cabin Cafe on December 15th. John Slinn was elected Chairman, Richard Hartnoll secretary and Joanna Diving Officer. Joanna’s husband Norman later became equipment officer.

The first pool session was on the evening of Friday, January 15th, 1960, at Ballakermeen baths. Aqualung training did not start until March 15th after equipment was bought with a grant from the Tourist Board. The first snorkelling session was at Port Mooar on Sunday, July 17th and Sunday’s then became the snorkelling or diving day.

In those early days members were informed of up coming dives through Manx Radio.

In 1981 Club members became involved with one of the decades most exciting projects, salvaging the wreck of the Mary Rose.

Our history is still ongoing, which is why we’re still out throughout the year experiencing some of the best diving the United Kingdom has to offer, right off our own shores! Want to be involved? Want to try a dive? Are you a trained diver looking for a local active club?

We’re here for you.