Committee Members

The majority of our IOM SAC Committee, L-R: Richard, Steven, Chloe, Leigh, John, Guy and Lara (not pictured Matt and Yvonne). Details on the individuals below…

Chair – Leigh Morris

Leigh has been an enthusiastic diver for 20 years and just as happy on shallow reefs as deeper wrecks! He is a BSAC Dive Leader, PADI Divemaster, and is now working towards his BSAC Advanced Diver qualification.  Leigh learnt to dive in a murky English gravel pit, before 10+ years living/diving around Scotland. He has dived in several countries worldwide, including extensively in Oman for 4 years, and most recently while living for 2 years on St Helena island in the South Atlantic. A passionate conservationist, Leigh is CEO of Manx Wildlife Trust and a Seasearch Surveyor.

Diving Officer – John Kermode

John joined the IOM SAC while still at school in the Island and is now a BSAC First Class Diver and National Instructor and is responsible for all our Club’s diving. John has been a member of BSAC’s National Diving Committee and the Diver Training Chief for the whole of the BSAC. He teaches and examines First Class Divers and Instructors for BSAC in the UK and overseas and is an active member of the Instructor Training Circuit. John really enjoys his own diving, particularly around the Island: Diving both open circuit, to a rebreather with tri-mix for deep wrecks.

Assistant Diving Officer – Matt Corlett

Matthew started diving in 2008, gaining his PADI Open Water qualification in Egypt, before switching to BSAC, achieving a Sports Diver qualification. He joined Castle Rushen Divers and enjoyed diving anything from reefs to wrecks. After progression on Open Circuit diving, Matt took the leap to go out to Egypt and train to use a rEvo rebreather, completing Mod 1,2 & 3, allowing him to dive to 100m. He then joined IOM SAC in 2019, becoming part of the committee, is working towards his Dive Leader qualification, and is planning to organize IOM wreck dives for club members to experience.

Membership Secretary – Steven Slack

Steven initially completed his PADI training in Turkey in 2006 and enjoyed the joys of warm water diving in Spain, Thailand and Malta before braving the Manx waters in 2019. Since then he’s enjoyed a bimble around various Manx sites and wrecks and has become an expert in finding multiple swim-throughs where only one exists. Steven is currently completing his BSAC Dive Leader course and working on remembering to turn on his air before knitting up. 

Social Secretary – Chloe Wood

Chloe studied Zoology as her undergraduate degree, reveled in learning about the biodiversity existing on land, but felt she was missing out on those under the water. She undertook a marine biology and conservation internship in Fiji, where she learnt to dive and completed her PADI Open and Advanced Open Water courses. Since then, she joined the IOMSAC and was bribed into giving cold water diving a go. Much to her surprise she loved it just as much and has also completed her BSAC Sports Diver. She continues to dive on Island and during any holiday opportunities that arise.

Training Officer – Richard Wild

Richard initially did his training on the Island 14 years ago before heading off island for university. Now a BSAC Dive leader and TDI trimix technical diver he has dived away with the Manchester University Suba-aqua club and Merseyside BSAC branch 5 clubs, around Scotland, Wales, and the south cost of England. Keen to get more people to discover the joys of diving he has taken over the role of Training Officer for the club since returning home.

Club Secretary – Dr Lara Howe

Lara has been diving for over 20 years now, learning to dive in Wales whilst at Uni. She remembers fondly her first open water dive in January where ice had to be scraped off the inside of the car windscreen! She is a PADI and BSAC instructor and has dabbled with technical diving, including rebreathers in the past. As the Isle of Man Seasearch co-ordinator and Marine Officer for Manx Wildlife Trust, it’s not surprising to find Lara nowadays in shallower waters either with a camera or Seasearch dive slate in her hands.  

Boat & Equipment Officer – Yvonne Dunning

Treasurer – Guy Wiltcher